Original Film Indonesia Successful "Go International"

At the end of 1998 can be regarded as the beginning of the rise of Indonesian cinema after the queen had suffered prolonged masti. Creativity of the artists and coupled with the support of increasingly sophisticated technology to make the world of Indonesian cinema is progressing very rapidly. This is evidenced by munculn so many high-quality film that is even able to compete in world cinema. Seeing this, it is fitting we pride ourselves with Indonesian films. There are many films Indonesia to "go international" and receive special attention from movie lovers in the world. Want to know what movies are they? Here are some of the original film Indonesia successful "go international".
1. Ada Apa Dengan Cinta
Movie Ada Apa Dengan Cinta (AADC) became one of the film that started the revival of the film industry in Indonesia. This film was launched in 2002 and immediately get the attention of movie lovers. This film starring Sian Nicholas Saputra Sastro and this seemed to be a breath of fresh air for the people of Indonesia who have not got entertainment in the form of national films which have a very interesting story. Mengususng love story with a young child, AADC not only able to achieve success in Indonesia, but also managed to attract the hearts of movie lovers from other countries such as Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Singapore, and the Philippines.
2. Paragraph -Ayat Love
Well, for you are a movie lover must already be familiar with this one movie. Ayat-Ayat Cinta is dirlis on February 28, 2008 is instantly direct work to achieve success by attracting an audience of 3.8 million people. Film adaptation of the famous novel by Habiburrahman El Shirazy be the first film that managed to beat the record for the largest audience previously held by Titanic in theaters Indonesia with an audience of 3.5 million people.
In fact, because of its popularity, on March 24, 2008, the film is simultaneously aired in a number of countries in Southeast Asia. Not only that, the screening was also conducted in India, the Netherlands, and even the United States. Dil number of actors from other countries such as Britain, Canada, Germany, Thailand, Taiwan, Hongkong, Japan, and South Korea came to Indinesia just to buy it to broadcast the film in their country. Wow .. really feat was bernar boast and admirable.
3. The Raid
Do you still remember the movie titled The Raid? Yes, the film, starring Iko Uwais, Jos Taslim, Yayan Ruhian, these and other very successful martial arts includes a native Indonesian martial arts in the movie. The film premiered in Sundace film festival on February 21, 2014 was successfully horrendous world cinema. Then, on March 29, 2014, film director Gareth Evans is simultaneously screened in cinemas Indonesia and the United States.
It did not take long, the film immediately attracted the audience with action har Iko Uwais and his colleagues were very exciting and thrilling. The success of the film does not just end there. Film The Raid even Indonesia became the first film that made it into the US box office and ranks 11th as the films most widely watched in US theaters.

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