Not Going Home? Enjoy the Idul Fitri holiday With This Fun Activity

Each year, Idul Fitri or Lebaran in Indonesia arrive always synonymous with the name of homecoming. Homecoming is already a tradition that is inherent in the life of Indonesian society. Homecoming become a means for migrants returning to his hometown to celebrate Eid with family. Some people do take advantage of this moment for a long libura home to my hometown, but some are not be going home with some reason.
Well, for those of you who are not going home, do not be discouraged. You can use this Eid holiday moments to do a variety of things fun and exciting. Well, here are some fun activities you can do when the Eid holiday.
1. Travelling
Busyness you do might make you not be traveled together with all members of your family. Well, mumpung holidays and you're not going home, you can take advantage of this mome for a vacation with your family. In big cities like Jakarta alone there are a lot of sights that you and your family can go. You can visit the World (Dufan), Ragunan Zoo, Museum, Old Town, up to Ancol beach. Tourist spots are usually filled by the visitors during the long holidays like today.
2. Enjoy the Capital deserted streets
There is only one thing that makes the streets of the capital Jakarta became deserted and jam-free, ie during Eid arrived and many people who return to their hometown. Therefore, you can take advantage of this rare moment to tour circles the entire capital of Jakarta and visit some of the sights there. For those of you who use public transport, if you usually jostle while riding public transit in a normal day, then daat Eid, you can enjoy public transport such as Transjakarta visitors quiet.
3. Visiting Relatives And Friends
Lebaran is synonymous with friendship to strengthen family relationships. Well, for those of you who are not going home or do not have a hometown. You can use this Eid vacation time to visit the homes of relatives or friends to stay in touch.
4. Hobby Yang Long-Ignored
Busyness you do might make you do not have time for hobbies ata the things that you like. When the long Eid holiday, as now, you can use your time to do your hobby had long ignored. If you have children, you can also simultaneously introduce your hobbies to your child and ask him also get involved if possible.
5. Gather Together Family At Home
If you want to save even after spending during Ramadan which drain the bag, you can spend your holiday by getting together with your family at home on weekdays .. if you do not have enough time to just hang out or to talk to a family due to work , then you can use your long holiday to get together with kaluarga. You can do fun things with your kelaurga. Msialnya watch verb together, cook together, play games, karaoke and other fun stuff that will not be able to do in a normal day.
Thus information about some of the activities that can be done when the Eid holiday and not going home. Hopefully this information is helpful to you.

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