Foods Mandatory There are currently Lebaran

Does not feel Eid will soon arrive. After one month we hunger and thirst finally the long-awaited victory came. Have you got ready to welcome the holiday nan this innate? In addition to preparing, of course, you also have to prepare everything before the feast arrived, such as preparing your home to entertain relatives who visit your home. Talking about Eid, certainly not out with the name of the food and snack cakes widths. The food seems like it's like the typical items that must exist in your home when taya day of Eid. Well, what about the food huh? Here are some foods shall there during Eid.
1. Ketupat
Who is not familiar with the food on this one? Food made of rice wrapped with woven young coconut leaves it certainly is not foreign to you and tended as a special food during Eid. Yes, Eid indeed it does not complete if there is food on the dining table. After the Eid prayer, surely you want to hurry home to eat delicious rhombus. Ketupat itself is actually a typical dish Maritime Southeast Asia. Therefore, the diamond can be found not only in Indonesia, but also in other countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Brunei Darussalam. Usually, the diamond most delicious eaten as a substitute for rice with chicken curry sauce plus a fried potato.
2. Chicken Opor
Chicken curry is also a typical meal should always be every Eid. Opo is perfect in eating chicken with fried potatoes and sauce rhombus. Food made from chicken meat didrebus with coconut milk and add a variety of spices is very tasty indeed. Chicken pieces were tender combined with the savory coconut milk to make one dish that is very popular. In addition to the day of Eid, you can also find opoe chicken in a typical day.
3. Rendang
Rendang is a traditional food that is very famous Minangkabau delicious taste even to the whole world. It made rendang managed to occupy the first position in the list of "50 Hidang best in the world" in 2011 ago. In addition to rice, rendang juag was very delicious eaten with diamond. Umumjnya dish which is made of beef is cooked along with thick coconut milk rich in delicious spices. Nowadays, not only use the rendang beef, but also use other materials such as chicken, duck, liver, lung, and so forth. Taste? Guaranteed no less delicious as using beef. If you want to make something different, you can serve rendang above your dining table during Eid.
4. Sambal Fried Potatoes
As mentioned earlier, these foods are suitable as complementary when eating ketupat with chicken curry. Foods made from potato pieces that formed the dice is usually mixed with other ingredients such as the cow, chicken liver, gizzard, and a banana. Fried potato flavor spicy sauce and coupled with attractive colors certainly make the beholder not bear to taste it. In addition to potatoes, you can also use other materials such as rambak.

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